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A SearchEngineLand survey revealed that 88% of consumers trust reviews they read online as much as a personal recommendation from a friend. The year before it was at 79%, resulting in a 11% gain.


When a potential customer looks your restaurant up online and sees bad reviews, 88% will go elsewhere to spend their money.


Just one negative mention on social media like Yelp*, warranted or not, can cost restaurants up to 88% of potential customers, resulting in thousands of dollars yearly in losses.


With the proliferation of dissatisfied customers venting their experiences with restaurants on social media more than any other industry, coupled with surveys that suggest 97% of consumers now use online media when researching products or services in their locality, how can you better protect and enhance your restaurant's online reputation?


Fixing your bad reviews by first improving your Online Reputation Management "know-how" has never been easier, and by doing so could later translate into an 88% gain in sales for you.


Many restaurant owners are so busy working "in" their business that it's not easy to allocate the resources needed to work "on" it, including their online reputation management system, if they have any at all. So what's the solution?


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Protect Up To 88% In Customer ​   Losses You'll Never Know About!

How To Direct Customer Reviews Like A TRAFFIC COP so your GREAT reviews GO to  YELP and your BAD reviews STOP at YOU!

Congratulations! You've just landed on the ONLY resource website of its kind that will SAVE YOU TIME, ENERGY & MONEY by revealing how to easily setup and use our Online Reputation Management System for Restaurant like a PRO!

Online Reputation Management is a vital part of conducting business today. And we know of no better way than to spear-head it with "Hawaii Restaurants' Advanced Online Reputation Monitoring System!" It's the only synergized "dual-action" program of its kind incorporating a "double-barrel" approach featuring:

  1. Repwarn: "The Proven $1 Online Reputation & Sales Booster System!" It's arguably the BEST reputation monitoring system of its kind available, operating for you 24/7 "online!"
  2. Review Buffer Portal, our customized & done-for-you interactive customer review management system, initiated with your patrons "offline!"

Our exclusive Hybrid "online-offline" DYNAMIC-DUAL setup above enables you to primarily capture virtually all negative customer reviews & mentions as soon as it arises, so you can handle it accordingly before it can do damage on the web and potentially go VIRAL!

Hawaii Restaurants' Advanced Online Reputation Monitoring System is our "premier" front-line online reputation management defense.  And it can easily complement "fortify"  ANY online reputation management Program you employ. And add to that our Get 3 For FREE  Program for even greater value to you!

To that end, The Proven $1 Online Reputation & Sales BOOSTER System, is geared to help you to efficiently and proactively...

  • protect & enhance your reputation online;
  • detect potential sales leads online;
  • extend customer service capabilities online;
  • extract useful competitor data online. 

Our "automated" system INSTANTLY captures then sends all reviews and mentions of your company, brand, employees, competitors, buyer keywords, etc - just minutes after it occurs online - straight to your cell, email or PC.

What's more is that you can finally receive bad review alerts from most, if not ALL, your customer review rating sites, registered or not, without the need for keywords, making it virtually impossible for "damaging" reviews to slip by you. It's like having eyes behind your head!

Plus, our system doubles as a valuable tool for "extended" customer service and lead generation capabilities. And you can witness this for yourself by requesting for your risk-free "self-demo" setup here.

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