The investment for our Review Buffer Portal Service is an affordable $120/setup fee and $39.95/mo for about $600 the first year, then just $479 yearly thereafter, not including the postcard printing. But for a limited time, you can now arm yourself with your own Review Buffer Portal System for FREE, once you're an "active" subscriber to The Proven $1 Online Reputation & Sales BOOSTER System! HOWEVER, don't stop there when you can get everything for FREE by joining our Get 3 FOR FREE  PROGRAM!

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Our Review Buffer Portal System is initiated offline to primarily uncover and begin treating negative customer reviews as soon as it arises.

Why? Based on statistics, we figure that just 1 negative customer review has the potential to induce losses of $58,385 long-term. This is why its part of our exclusive  Hybrid "online-offline" dynamic-dual setup!

So here's the 5-step process for restaurants:

1. Have your waiter/cashier pass out specially designed postcards when customers are ready to pay their bill.

2. The postcard directs them to your customized Review Buffer Portal website, hosted by us, to leave a review. It also serves "double-duty" as a bounce-back coupon on the backside offering a special discount or freebie on their next visit, at your option.

3. While at your "portal" website, they'll have the option to leave a "great" or "bad" experience review.

4. If they choose "great" then they will be redirected to your review page, similar to ours, on YELP, TripAdvisor, Google+, etc. so they can then write you a great review.

5. If they choose "bad" then they will be redirected to YOUR questionnaire much like this one here where...

  • Your customer will then have the chance to "vent." 
  • You can gain insight to improve your customer relations, reputation & sales (in that order).
  • You diverted a potential negative review from going public on the Web and potentially going VIRAL!

And once they're done filling out your questionnaire, you'll be alerted to it, via text or email of your choosing, for you to do with as dictated by your policy and goals.

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How To Direct Customer Reviews Like A TRAFFIC COP

so your GREAT reviews GO to YELP and your BAD reviews STOP at YOU!

*Yelp officially discourages the practice of bribing for reviews and will "censor" the restaurant's profile in Yelp for doing so. However, it's good practice to always send a "Thank You" type of feedback, via Yelp's "compliment" or "send message" feature, in response to all positive reviews posted about your restaurant. Doing so will "humanize" your restaurant and boost the value of the review amongst its readers

At this point, let me share with you the details about the postcard used in this system. The postcard shown below is an example of the design we'll be using. It's been split-tested with many others and now serves as our control.

It scored the highest in attracting customer attention and stimulating response, especially when a customer is covertly dissatisfied, which is what we want to flush out. 

The postcard will be personalized with YOUR Review Buffer Portal website URL, which will be placed in the same area where the blank yellow bar is below.

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Alrighty then, all that's left for you to see is what goes on once they visit your Review Buffer Portal website and make their "choice." Review steps 3 - 5 to your left.

Now, we don't offer anything we don't use ourselves. That's why the sample portal website you'll be viewing is our own Review Buffer Portal System in action. So let's continue on by clicking on the link below:

Your Restaurant Review Website!

Regarding Step 4: If your restaurant is currently not registered with any review website, I suggest that you at least set one up with YELP. It's THE #1 “go-to” website for creating restaurant online reviews, with over 130 Million participants EVERY MONTH!

And if that wasn't reason enough, a Harvard University study found that a one-star increase on Yelp resulted in a 5 to 9% revenue boost for restaurants.

To that end, how much would a one-star increase on your restaurant’s Yelp profile be worth to your bottom line with a 9% BOOST? What if you had all 5-stars here.

This is why it behooves...

​​Introducing the... Review Buffer Portal System!

...YOUR Restaurant To Have Its OWN Review Buffer Portal System!