One “Bad” Customer Review Equals A $58,385 Loss!

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According to Swipely, voted “2015’s Most Innovative Technology Company” by PBN, revealed that a typical dissatisfied customer will tell 8-10 people. And those people will tell 5 more people each. That means up to 60 people could be negatively affected by just a single bad customer review. And this does not include negative customer reviews posted publicly online.

So how potentially damaging can this be? Well, according to Swipely, the average number of years
a loyal customer will visit a restaurant is 2.7 years, purchasing 1.7 times monthly. And according to a survey result disclosed on Statista, $16 to $25 is the average spend per person, per visit, in casual dining restaurants. So, for computation purposes, let's use $20 as the average overall spend per person, per visit.

Thus, as a result, we have:

  • 1 bad review expressed to 60 people;
  • 88% or 53 people decide not to dine at said restaurant;
  • 53 x $20 = $1,060 x 1.7 = $1,802 per month loss;
  • $21,624 per year ($1,802 x 12) x 2.7 years = $58,385 in total losses;
  • $58,385 in potential losses due to 1 bad customer review offline.

So what's your best "deterrent" solution available?

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